Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bill Gates in China push against secondhand smoke

Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates is visiting China to raise awareness of the dangers of secondhand smoke.
Gates appeared at a news conference in Beijing on Saturday alongside Chinese Internet executive Robin Li and Vice Health Minister Huang Jiefu to encourage nonsmokers to stand up for their right to a smoke-free environment.
According to government statistics, smoking is linked to the deaths of at least 1 million people in China every year, making it one of the greatest health threats the country faces. Nearly 30 percent of adults in China smoke - about 300 million people, a number roughly equal to the entire U.S. population.
The risks of secondhand smoke include increased asthma attacks, ear and respiratory infections, and cancer.

Source : The Seattletimes

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IT Management: Google, Intel, Microsoft Among Top-Paying IT Firms

By Nathan Eddy on 2011-06-09
Where do you stand the best chance of getting the best salary among the top American IT firms, and which companies will leave you the most satisfied—or stressed out? According to data released from PayScale, workers at Google earn the best pay relative to other tech companies, while Facebook employees are the most satisfied and those at IBM stay the longest. Overall, when holding all else constant, median pay for Google employees ($82,600 median starting pay) is 23 percent higher than similar workers performing similar roles at other companies and more than 10 percent higher than similar workers at the other big tech companies, according to PayScale’s Technology Company Salary and Job Satisfaction Report, which examined the characteristics of the following tech companies (excluding retail workers): Amazon, Apple, Dell, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. The "lowest" paid workers are at HP. Holding all else constant, workers at HP typically earn 5 percent less than similar workers at all other employers and about 15 percent less than similar workers at the other big tech companies. Here’s a look at who’s getting paid where, and what their work environments are like.