Thursday, 23 June 2011

Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform will be available August 2011

Adobe® Digital Enterprise Platform (formerly Adobe LiveCycle® and CRX) is the technology foundation of Adobe Customer Experience Solutions. Designed to help developers build applications that operate across digital devices, Digital Enterprise Platform services integrate with existing databases, content stores, and applications.

The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform, Integrated Content Review solution, Web Experience Management solution and Customer Communications solution will be available August 2011. The Social Brand Engagement solution, Selection and Enrollment solution and Unified Workspace solution are available immediately in beta and will be generally available in fall 2011.
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Facebook Common Terminology


 If you're new to Facebook, you'll run into some unfamiliar terminology. Here are some common Facebook terms and their definitions; get to know them so you can get the most out of Facebook:

  • Your wall is where you and your friends can write on your Profile. Your friends may write on your wall to communicate with you, congratulate you, embarrass you, and more. You post on your own wall to let your friends know what you’re up to.
  • The News Feed is a continuous stream of updates about your friends’ activities on and off Facebook. It appears on your Home page.
  • A Poke is a casual gesture that means “I’m thinking of you.” The person you Poke receives the Poke on her Home page when she logs in and has the choice to Poke you back. Only she (and not her friends) is aware that you Poked her.
  • Your Profile is your page. It contains your photos and videos, a list of your friends, your recent activities, and anything else you choose to include on it.If you want to earn money from your blog, you should check out these popular monetization opportunities: