Thursday, 14 July 2011

What do you love? | Get more of what you love by searching across numerous Google products with one click.
Google launched a new website a few weeks ago called What Do You Love.
For example, typing in the word “ice cream” will give you multiple results separated on various panels that are all displayed on one page.

Expected Changes in Google Plus

Expected Changes in Google Plus
1.Ability to modify circles a post is shared with after posting it
2. Google+ Android App update for Reading sparks and +1 comments
3.Lifting of the 5000 circle cap
4.The ability to overlap circles
5.Easy private messaging option including to person who starts a thread
6.Google+ app for Windows Phone 7
7.Better integration of Google Chat with Google+
8.Fix issues with instant upload for photos
9.Ability to share with all circles, but with an “except” option
10.Ability to share Google Docs and Calendar with circles
11.Revamp Google Reader to make sharing easier
12.File-sharing integration
13.Addition of hashtags to aid searching
14. Faster updates to the no. of people following you
15.Revamped minor UI change

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google+ Users

Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google+ Users
  • *Space – Scroll down the Stream
  • *Shift + Space – Scroll Up Stream
  • *J - Single Post Down Scroll
  • *K – Single Post up Scroll
  • *Q – Jump to Chat
  • *Return/Enter – Start Comment
  • *Return (Enter) + Tab – End Comment
  • * + / @ – Use any of the sign to mention someone in the comment.