Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Intel's Next-Generation High-End Chipset

Intel Corp.'s next-generation high-end core-logic known as X79 may support both current enthusiast-class chips in LGA1366 form-factor as well as next-generation microprocessors in LGA2011 packaging. In fact, according to a document seen by X-bit labs, Intel itself prepares to release two mainboards based on X79 chipset for both its present and future chips.
At present Intel X58 chipset supports only microprocessors in LGA1366 form-factor and it is unlikely that the core-logic will support future Sandy Bridge E central processing units (CPUs). The yet-to-be announced X79 chipset (Waimea Bay enthusiast platform) will support both types of "extreme" chips: code-named Bloomfield in LGA1366 form-factor as well as code-named Sandy Bridge-E in LGA2011 packaging, a document seen by us claims.
Intel itself plans to release two X79-based "Extreme Board" motherboards: DX79SI (Siler) and DX79TO (Thorsby) for LGA1366 and LGA2011 microprocessors, according to documents seen by X-bit labs. The DX79SI will be aimed at no-compromise performance enthusiasts, whereas the DX79TO will be designed for those, who want high performance with certain price envelopes. Interestingly, the new Intel Extreme Boards lack PS/2 connector, which is a pretty logical move and a signal for other makers of mainboards.

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