Friday, 29 July 2011

Google Plus vs Facebook

After rocketing to 10 million users in its first three weeks, Google's social-networking site appears to be getting less attention. The time spent on Google+ has also fallen well below time spent on Facebook. A consultant called Google+ just "another way for Google to gain market share."

Less Engagement Than Facebook
According to a Hitwise blog post by Heather Dougherty, as of July 19 the average visit time for Google+ was five minutes and 50 seconds, up from four minutes and 52 seconds the week before. But she noted that's a far cry from the average time users spend on Facebook, which was 21 minutes and 57 seconds the same week.

For the week ending July 23, Google+ received 1.79 million visits, down 3 percent from the previous week, and the average time spent on the site fell 10 percent to 5 minutes and 15 seconds, Hitwise said Wednesday.

By contrast, visits for the week ending July 16 shot up 283 percent from the week before, and 821 percent from the week before that, Hitwise said last week.
As of July 16, Google+ ranked as the 42nd-most-visited social networking site and the 638th-most-visited site overall in the U.S., Hitwise said last week. Hitwise didn't update those rankings Wednesday, but given the drop in usage it's unlikely that Google+ improved its position on either list.

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